Saviconnect will not distribute your personal and financial information to any third party, and will use information only to provide service and collect payment for serivce, in accordance with our price list and our policy.

When you place a reservation with Saviconnect, you agree for the applicable amount to be charged to your credit/debit card for the reservation you placed, when the cancelation period is reached. We accept major credit and debit cards, EFT, and cash – but no cheques.

Cancellation periods:

For the fares below $50, tho hours prior to due pickup.

For the fares from $50-$100, twenty four hours prior to due pickup.

For the fares over $100, seven days prior to due pickup.

A no show is defined as fifteen minutes past due time at house address, and thirty minutes at the airport. In a case that the flight has been delayed or cancelled, we will contact the customer to rearrange the pickupt time.

Possible changes to booking will be accepted over the phone, only up to one hour before due time. Impossible changes will result in a cancellation, and charge for the reservation. The decision on what is possible, and what is not – is at our discretion.

Saviconnect is not responsible for items left in the vehicle, but will attempt to return found items whenever possible, and reserves the right to charge a delivery fee.

Saviconnect will not be responsible for circumstances that are beyond our control – like traffic congestion, road closures, delays due to accidents or bad weather, airplane, bus or train delays, etc.

The passenger paying for the reservation is responsible for damages and cleaning charges incurred by the passengers: vomit $100, drink spillage $50, upholstery tears – per replacement/repair, opening a car door into another vehicle or object – per repair quote.

Saviconnect uses at it’s own discretion, business partners to provide transportation services for our clients.